Impressions of Switzerland, Part 4 – A Walk Through Zurich with Jeanie

One of my friends and supporters from California was traveling in Europe and came to visit me in Switzerland. I always enjoy taking visitors through the old part of Zurich. My friend only had half a day to spend in the city, so I took her to some of my favorite spots. Since she read my novels that take place in part in Switzerland, she enjoyed seeing some of the places that inspired me.

Jeanie arrived by train from a visit to Montreux in the French part of the country and I picked her up at the train station in Zurich.

We took off from there and walked up the Bahnhofstrasse, the famous shopping street with the fancy clothing stores and jewelry shops.

At this jewelry and watch store at the Bahnhofstrasse, each full hour is marked by music and a parade of turning figures

Another interesting feature along the Bahnhofstrasse is the monument of one of Switzerland’s and Europe’s famous humanists, children advocates, and educators of the 18th/19th century, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, who greets children and adults from his pedestal.

Halfway through the Bahnhofstrasse, we turn to the left and walk up the Rennweg, a street leading to the old part. It’s closed to most car traffic.

Walking past one of the traditional coffee/tea/chocolate shops, frequented by the “older” and more sophisticated crowd.

And guess what? Here is the trendy competition. Oh, yes, Starbucks is all over the place.

One of my favorite spots is the Lindenhof (it got its name from all the linden trees), a park high above the city, from where you have wonderful view of the old part of the city, the River Limmat, a few cathedrals, and the lake.


Want to play a game of chess?

My friend loves the park, too!

Zurich got its share of literary and artist greats, some homegrown as well as the many artists and writers in exile during World War One and Two.

A trip on a river boat is fun, but on this day, it was a little too cool for it.

Photo by Roland zh
We walked along the River Limmat to the Fraumünster church (transl. Women’s Minster), a cathedral famous for its stain glass windows created by Marc Chagall.
Photo by Roland zh
While walking and watching, we worked up an appetite. There are many choices from the simple sausage stands to more elegant establishments.
Lunch with my “old” class mates from business college
However, this time, my friend and I had other plans:
Inspired by the shop window of Teuscher, one of the excellent chocolate shops, we decided to splurge a little and walk toward the lake and the Bellevue plaza where I knew of a really hip coffee shop. Here you feel as if you had been transported into a different era, perhaps early twentieth century Vienna?


Yummy Latte Macchiato

After all this walking and splurging, it was time to think of driving home, which we did on the train.
I hope you had fun accompanying us on our walk through Zurich! More next time. Ciao!

11 Responses to “Impressions of Switzerland, Part 4 – A Walk Through Zurich with Jeanie”

  1. Linda Cassidy Lewis Says:

    Beautiful! How nice you got to be a travel guide for your friend. And you made even me crave chocolate—the good kind.

  2. Susan Says:

    How lovely! So beautiful there! Will you want to come back to Santa Monica? 🙂

  3. author Christa Polkinhorn Says:

    Ha, Linda, dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you! Enjoy!

  4. author Christa Polkinhorn Says:

    Susan, California has its very particular charm too!

  5. Darlene Says:

    What a delightful way to spend an afternoon with a friend. I love the coffee shop! I so want to visit Zurich soon.

  6. author Christa Polkinhorn Says:

    Thanks, Darlene! We'll have to coordinate our visit here!

  7. Monster A Go-Go Says:

    While it's nice you showed your friend around, I think it was quite shocking…bordering on down right vulgar of you to proposition that man to a game of chess. Yes, I realize you are a single gal, out and about and having fun. And yes, he may have been dashing and sexy (or NOT!!!) and available…but to proposition the poor man so flagrantly! OH MY STARS!!! And in front of your friend! Are you sure coffee shops and sweet stands are all you hit on your afternoon outing? You didn't stop at a bar or two …or six as well? I'm sure you played your little "games" with the poor fool, then left him standing there holding his rook and wondering what he did wrong. SHAMELESS! (You GO, girl!!) Happy yodeling! Cheers!

  8. author Christa Polkinhorn Says:

    Leave it up to Monster A Go-Go's dirty mind. Not even a game of chess is holy to him. Tz, tz, tz.

  9. Monster A Go-Go Says:

    Dirty mind??? Moi??? Hello? You are the one taking pictures of strange men, captioning them "Want to play a game of chess?" and posting them for all of the world to see. What else could I possibly infer from such a startling and obvious photo? OH MY STARS!

  10. Dorothy Lyner Says:

    Some beautiful sites for sure! Very pretty photographs. Your friend had the perfect guide.

  11. author Christa Polkinhorn Says:

    Thanks, Dorothy. It was fun and I always like the opportunity to have some yummy coffee and cake!