Research & Fun – Part Four: Morro Bay

On the last day of our fun research trip, Shawn and I headed over to the Central Coast again, this time to a typical tourist spot, Morro Bay. But aside from the purely entertaining–shops, bars, restaurants–we took a harbor cruise that was both fun and informative. I have to admit though, I didn’t listen too closely to the information the captain gave us in a fast and very repetitive voice (the poor guy must have told the same story hundreds of times). I just relaxed and enjoyed the landscape and the many sea birds and sea animals.

Let’s start with a few pictures. Well, actually, the first thing we visited was the Morro Bay Aquarium, which was going to be closed soon. Thank God, because it was a really sad affair. All these sea animals locked into these small areas. Too depressing, so I didn’t take pictures. Shawn, however, has some very colorful photos. Link at the end!

Here is the aquarium from the outside:

Afterwards, we needed to fortify ourselves with a delicious lunch; well mine was, Shawn wasn’t too crazy about his.

And here are the pictures from the harbor cruise. Below is Morro Rock one of 13  rocks in San Luis Obsipo county that are remnant necks of extinct volcanoes. More on that here, if you’re interested:

This bay is full of sea otters, sea lions, and all kinds of sea birds and sea animals.

 The captain of our boat.

It’s not easy to take good pictures on a boat full of people, but I’m proud of having caught a good shot of this royal bird!

All good things coming to an end. After Morro Bay, we separated, Shawn heading north and I south to Los Angeles. It was fun. Great time and great company!

During the coming weekend we explored interesting parts of Los Angeles. Stay tuned.

Make sure to hop over to Shawn’s post!

5 Responses to “Research & Fun – Part Four: Morro Bay”

  1. Monster A Go-Go Says:

    Oooo.. I love the shot of the pelican. Great catch. But what was that hideous creature sitting in the chair near the blue umbrella? EEEK! A walrus? I didn't know they could text… CHEERS!

  2. Darlene Says:

    I like how sea lions make themselves at home anywhere! Love the pelican picture. I have always been fascinated by those birds. Great ending to your trip.

  3. author Christa Polkinhorn Says:

    Thanks, Shawn, looks like a hungry creature!

  4. author Christa Polkinhorn Says:

    Thanks Darlene. Yes, sea lions rule the bay!

  5. Monster A Go-Go Says:

    A beached whale (with bad taste in clothes) is more like it…

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