Los Angeles – a city of urban sprawl and the most exciting as well as quirky attractions! – Part Three

I’m obviously a slow blogger. This post is about the last day of Shawn and my Los Angeles city adventure back in October of 2017. This time, we ventured downtown again, to a historical restaurant/Tiki bar/almost a museum, called Clifton’s. Here is some information about the place:

But first we had to find parking and that’s one of the problematic sides of downtown Los Angeles. During the day I now take our new Metrolink train from Santa Monica to downtown. In the evening and at night, however, the car feels a little safer. Fortunately, street-smart Shawn was driving and we did find a spot close-by. Well done, Shawn.

And here we were, stuffing ourselves on an elaborate buffet-style dinner.



It wasn’t exactly “fine dining” but plentiful and there was an amazing variety of food! Having regained our strength after the hunt for a parking space, we ventured upstairs and checked out the mysterious and glamorous environment and the art works. Here are a few photos:





You can tell that Shawn was overwhelmed!

I don’t have more pictures of that evening. I had too much fun and forgot to take pictures, but Shawn did a better job of documenting this amazing place.

Hop on over to his blog! https://monsterago-go.blogspot.com/2017/11/off-to-la-la-land-part-2.html

4 Responses to “Los Angeles – a city of urban sprawl and the most exciting as well as quirky attractions! – Part Three”

  1. Monster A Go-Go Says:

    That was a fun evening. And all of those discoveries, floor after floor… Zowie! And this was back in October? It took you THAT long to sober up? Well, you WERE rather intoxicated. I was surprised we weren't thrown out when you started dancing on the tables… CHEERS!

  2. author Christa Polkinhorn Says:

    Ha, ha, according to that photo of yours at the end of the post, I think it was you who was intoxicated.

  3. Darlene Says:

    I love places like this, good food, nice ambiance and things to look at. You sure had a fun time with Shawn. All the best for 2018!!

  4. author Christa Polkinhorn Says:

    Thank you, Darlene. Yes, Shawn is a "crazy dude" but in a good way. We always have fun on our so-called "research trips." Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy 2018!

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