Picture Tour – Emilia

Picture tour of Emilia


Pictures which served as an inspiration to the novel


Rustici - Home of the O'Reilly family

Several rustici in the Vallemaggia (canton Ticino in the south of Switzerland). This could be the home of the O’Reilly family

Azaleas in the corner of the O'Reilly patio

 Azaleas in the corner of the patio at the O’Reillys

Sculpture School Peccia

Scuola di Scultura di Peccia, the sculpture school in the south of Switzerland (Ticino) where Laura takes a sculpting class


Marble, the raw material Laura learned to work with


Mogno, the village near Peccia Laura and Stefano visited. It was built by the famous Swiss-Italian architect Mario Botta.


The Church in Mogno, which Mario Botta built with material native to this area (marble and granite)

 Grotto Pozzasc in Peccia

 Grotto Pozzasc in Peccia where Stefano took Laura for dinner

 STA Lugano

 STA – Fashion School in Lugano. Tonio studies fashion designing here.


The little surprise in the O’Reilly family. Emilia’s arrival creates quite a stir (courtesy of Morgue.com).


Street in Locarno with Karla's gallery

Street in Locarno with the gallery in which Karla works part time


Could be one of Karla’s colorful paintings (courtesy of notker, Bigstock.com)

A tombstone Andreas could have carved

 Possibly one of the tombstones Andreas carved

View from Cardada mountain

View of the Lago Maggiore from Gardada Mountain in the Ticino, where Laura, Stefano, Tonio and Mario go hiking


Inn at Cardada where the hikers relax and enjoy the food, wine, and the view

Pizzeria where Andreas and Emilia had lunch

Pizzeria in Locarno, where Andreas and Emilia have lunch after Andreas picks her up at Karla’s gallery


Maggia River in the south of Switzerland. Here Andreas and Susanna take Emilia and Paulo for a picnic and a play day

Typical grotto

The inside of a typical grotto–a rustic restaurant in the south of Switzerland made of granite that serves simple dishes, meats, cheese, and wine of the area

Plaza de Armas, Cusco

Plaza de Armas in Cusco, Peru, where Karla visits her ailing father

Valle Sagrado

Valle Sagrado near Cusco. Karla’s paintings are inspired by the vivid colors, the purples, oranges, and blues of the stones and the greens of the field and eucalyptus trees. Her cousin Julio drives her around, so she can paint outside.

Cusco Airport

Airplane at the airport in Cusco. Andreas and Emilia fly to Cusco to surprise Karla

Could be Arturo and Rosa's house in Cusco

Could be Arturo (Karla’s father) and Rosa’s house in Cusco, Peru

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur Cathedral in Paris. Stefano and Laura visit Paris (courtesy of Morgue.com)

Notre Dame

Notre Dame in Paris–Stefano and Laura’s trip (courtesy of Morgue.com)

Garden in Paris

Garden in Paris where Stefano, the landscape artist, gets new ideas (courtesy of Morgue.com)

Eiffel Tower Paris

Eiffel Tower in Paris (courtesy of Morgue.com)

Rodin - The Thinker

The Thinker by Rodin – inspiration for Laura’s sculpting (courtesy of Morgue.com)

Church in Vallemaggia

Church in the Vallemaggia where Karla and Andreas got married twenty-five years ago and now Laura and Stefano are getting married in the same church

Casa Berno

Casa Berno, the hotel and restaurant above Ascona where the family celebrates Laura and Stefan’s wedding reception

View from Casa Berno

View of the Lago Maggiore and the mountains from Casa Berno


Emilia’s greatest wish–a puppy (courtesy of Dreamstime.com)