Reviews – Finding Angelo

Finding Angelo


The story of “The Italian Sister” (The Wine Lover’s Daughter, Book 1) continues in “Finding Angelo.” It opens in California where the heroine of the first book in the series, Sofia, and her husband Nicholas have become vintners. The unexpected discovery of human remains buried in one of their fields presents the family with a mystery, and so the search begins for the long-lost Angelo, brother of Nicholas’s grandfather. The story moves to Tuscany and then to the Piedmont in Italy, where we are shown in lavish detail Italy’s beautiful countryside and wonderful cuisine. The plot and characters are interesting and well drawn, the story moves quickly, and mystery abounds as Sofia becomes a detective to follow the trail of clues. Suspicions rise and fall in these lovely settings, until finally the truth is revealed about the missing Angelo. If you enjoy fast-moving stories with a mix of mystery, romance, intrigue, wonderful scenery, food, and attention to detail, you will love “Finding Angelo.” I know I did. Lawrence Enright, Author of The Jennifer Project.

A delightful sequel to the first book in this years. I really enjoyed The Italian Sister and was quite happy to be reunited with the characters again in Finding Angelo. One of the author’s strengths is creating a real feel for the different locales. As this book takes the reader from California to Chicago to New York to Italy, I felt like I was along for the ride. In Italy, where the story really picks up speed, I especially enjoyed the suspense and intrigue because I was able to visualize the characters and their adventures.
This is a terrific story, great characters, and I look forward to reading the next in the series. Lizzy, Amazon.

Just finished reading Finding Angelo… What a lovely story.!!!! Love happy ending books. I have to confess that I still have to read the first book in the series . But even though I know that one ends happy as well, it will still be a most enjoyable read. If you have not read any of Christa’s wonderful stories I hope you will do so. You will Not be disappointed. Jolkay, Amazon.